music for nature & human connection

Reid Zoé is an earthworker and artist from Whitevale, ON. Her songs reflect the deep connection she has with the natural world, her experience in the female body, and her connection to the people around her. She is a songwriter first, with her ability to weave vivid stories into interesting melodies. She is also 1/3 of Toronto trio Sleeping Bees.

Growing up in a small, rural town, Reid's time was spent wandering barefoot through the creeks and trails beside her home. Her writing draws heavily from these experiences, with rich metaphors woven into every one of her songs. This has also fuelled her passion to protect wild spaces; she has been part of a local activist group Land Over Landings since 2014, and was an outdoor educator for nearly 8 years. Now, she and her partner Andy own and operate an ecological restoration business called Sustainable Roots (@sustainablerootseco). She also creates nature-based art under the name Trees By Reid (@treesbyreid).


Reid's journey into music started out slowly, by playing cover songs at local festivals and open mics. In 2017, having just moved to Toronto, things really started to pick up. She wrote her first song, which quickly snowballed into many more. She participated in the Guinness World Records-Longest Concert by Multiple Artists" by Epidemic Music Group, and by 2018 was booking opening act gigs for local bands. In 2019 she was fortunate enough to play several iconic Toronto venues, including the Mod Club, Budweiser Stage River Bar, and The Cameron House. During this time she also formed the band Sleeping Bees, a folk trio consisting of herself, Madison Arsenault, and Kathryn Merriam. They released their debut EP 'Heavy' in August of 2020.

Now as Reid prepares for the release of her upcoming solo EP 'Shed My Skin,' she is eagerly awaiting getting back into playing live shows and is planning to begin a new recording project this upcoming winter.